Thursday, September 11, 2008

All Smiles

I got to ride in to work again today. My wife just loves me that much.

For you long time readers, I'm sure you appreciate how I've missed moto-commuting. To go from riding to work every day for two years, to carpooling full-time was a big shock to my system.

Apart from the joy of riding, I miss seeing my moto-buddies out on the road in the morning. When you ride to work every day, you get to know the other riders. At least, you recognize the hardcore guys and gals out in the same nasty weather you are. Sometimes you get to talk to these folks for a minute or two at the stop light.

Oh, and did I mention the joy of riding? It's like getting recess twice a day!

This evening I noticed the Triumph is due for service. That's kind of a bummer, but then, it's been a year since it's last service, so I guess it's time.

It's been a year.

When I rode everyday, it was in the shop every 3 months for scheduled maintenance.

I don't miss that part.