Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gasoline Gallery Art show 9/21/08

The day after El Camino (Sunday 9/21), I rode up to Gasoline in Smell Segundo for the opening of the "In the Wind" motorcycle art exhibit. It's a cool small store/art gallery that katers to the Kustom Kulture Hot Rod scene. The name Gasoline fits well in a town named after a oil refinery.

A small group of Triumph owners, young beatniks, and hipsters were on hand when this old dude pulled up.

Every time I go there for one of these show openings, I see Slim and his bikes. Slim builds stuff in a way that Ed Roth himself would approve of. He and his bro are two downright friendly, creative, and positive dudes. Slim's available for all kinds of Fab. Keep an eye on him, or maybe two, he's going places! 951-217-9303

Kawa Trike by Slim

Dirt Nap by Slim

Nanook by Slim, under the watchful eye of "the man"

Brown Recluse. A lot of us got started with Minis

Ghost Rider panel by David Mann

Sara Ray Fortune Teller


Keith Weesner


Tat Style


Glitter Powered!

Finks by Sara Ray

Mosaic Tile Mania

Cycho tank by Road Dog

Shinya again ya

Store Winda Shovel

Cool little Chop Bob Cub 250 a Go-Go

I met the Gallery owner (Mark), for the first time. He instructed me to send some stuff for his artist file. Who knows, maybe some of my art will be there one day?

Current show runs only through October 5th?

Nuff said!