Monday, September 15, 2008

Taking the Slow Way to Work

Lady Luck's Vespa hasn't gotten much exercise this summer, so this morning I took it in to work. 

Although the GTS can keep up with freeway traffic, it's more fun to ride on surface streets.  The great thing is, scooters are fun to ride on surface streets.  The same ride on the Triumph would be a touch more frustrating.

There's something oddly enjoyable about tooling through residential neighborhoods on a (relatively) small bike at 6:30 in the morning.  There's much less traffic to contend with, because the same roads that are fun on the scooter are a real drag in a car.

Of course, I still have to fight to avoid racing through neighborhoods at ridiculous speed, scraping bits of the Vespa on the ground as I fly through a curve.  I hear the police frown on doubling the speed limit.  A shame, because it's very, very tempting.

Yep, sometimes it's good to take the "slow" way to work.