Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Metal MC 1988

20 years ago today.... My 3 degrees of separation to Sargent Pepper.

My old shovel on the CD cover for my brother's band. The photo shoot turned into a rowdy beer party that made the model nervous and pissed off the art director and photographer. They also used my bike on another record's cover.

My brother, Johnny Go-Go (on the right), was the leader of the pack. It was a strange combination of stuff. The Biker themed (Huh?), hard rock/rap group's music was similar to the Beastie Boys, and ahead of it's time.

Rusty Anderson, guest guitarist on this CD, had previously been in the band The Living Daylights with my brother. Rusty went on to play as a studio musician for many famous bands. He has been lead guitarist for Paul Mc Cartney's band for sometime now.