Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why I Want A Macaw, Pt. 2

Lady Luck and I went to the bird store today because I wanted to see some of the big guys in person. It was... overwhelming. My life, in general, is extremely quiet. Our house is quiet, my work is quiet, my preferred activities are generally quiet - you get the idea.

The bird store was not quiet. There were birds everywhere, and they all had something to say.

We got to see the babies, which were particularly cute, and we met a few of the birds. There was a very friendly cockatoo who was so excited to meet new people he got fed up with me waiting to pick him up, so he just jumped up on to my shoulder and hung out with me as I walked through the store. There was also a friendly Derby-Parakeet-something that made fast friends with Lady Luck. He said "Hello" almost right away and hopped up on her arm.

I also got to meet a Blue and Gold Macaw. I have no experience with birds, so handling the big macaw was intense. And awesome. It's hard to appreciate how big these birds are until one is climbing around on you. I have to confess I'm proud of myself for not freaking right the hell out when the bird put the chomp on my arm. I've got a couple little marks from it. It's important to establish dominance with these guys, and being a big wussy when one bites does NOT make them think you're in control.

So, here's a pic of me with my new Blue and Gold buddy. Lady Luck says he would look in whichever direction I was looking:

"I don't like the look of that guy either, Killer. Let's teach him some manners."

The whole experience was overwhelming, and my mind went blank after a while. I'll go back another time with some questions written down. It was fun to meet the birds and see their different personalities first hand.

So, no, we didn't get a bird today. The whole thing was so intense I would need a week to think even if I was going to get one right away. But I do think I'm going to get one some day. They're wonderful creatures.

For those who missed it, here's Why I Want A Macaw, Pt. 1.