Thursday, November 20, 2008

One of my Favorites

Other artists might relate to the back story of this art.

I did this art several years ago. It's one of those special works where everything just comes together naturally. It started with an idea that had been kicking around my noggin for sometime. Later, during a break of selling prints at a Mooneyes Xmas show, I did a rough sketch of the car on a torn scrap of paper. Then, one day much later, I came across the ragged sketch. Instead of redrawing it, I just cut it out, mounted it, and went at it.

It's not the tightest or refined piece but, it's one of my favorites. It seems that when I take a care free off the cuff approach to a project, it turns out best.

The KnuckleReaper was harder to get right

Later, I did the KnuckleReaper art to complement it and although I'm very happy how it turned out, the planning and painting of it didn't have that same creative flow.

If anybody is interested, I have a few small prints of both works. The MC art copy and the large C. Kallas signature are not on the prints.