Thursday, November 13, 2008

Polar Bear Grand Tour - Old Bridge Ride

I've been a little behind in posting Polar Bear Grand Tour rides.

The first was to Cape May, NJ on October 26. The members of GWRRA Chapter NJ-F (F-Troop) accompanied me and waited while I took pictures.

The second ride was to Lewes, DE on November 2. This was a 360 mile roundtrip for me. I took six videos in addition to the usual pictures.

Last weekend, the ride was to Old Bridge, NJ, a staggering 26 mile roundtrip for me. I decided to stay for the complete sign-in from 11:30 to 1:30. I took four videos.

These Polar Bear runs will be helping me greatly to get through this winter season without Janie. She was always with me on these runs. Back in 1992 when I first decided to join the Polar Bears, I really didn't think she'd be interested in riding a motorcycle in freezing weather. But as soon as I brought up the idea, she said, "I want to do that too!" Thus began 16 years of winter riding, meeting hundreds of new friends and encouraging others to join the ranks of the Polar Bears.

I have dedicated this season to Janie. I'll be riding her white trike and displaying information about her Jane Ann Kern Memorial Web site where her life is discussed and her charities listed along with donation links.

God Speed Jane Ann. She loved polar bears, in general, and the Polar Bear Grand Tour, in particular. I hope you have some time now in your new celestial position to watch out for all of us and help us to stay safe.