Friday, December 12, 2008


Speaking of Keith Ball aka Bandit...

This could be mistaken for a Roth Poster. ER didn't use this shot, instead they ran a blurry one for impact.
Gleeped from Cro Custom's blog who gleeped it from Keith

I was 16 when I bought the August 72 issue of Easyriders and had no idea I would one day come to know this intimidating 6' 5" biker. I was fascinated with Outlaws but, thought he looked like the sort that might beat the piss out of a scrawny little wanna be punk like me just for crossing his path.

Still have this issue. I wonder, who was the hand model?

Bandit and Tractor from the 72 ER zine.

Soon after this issue, Keith joined the staff and eventually became the chief editor of the rag. He worked at Easyriders until 1996 and then split to start the online magazine

One of my favorite bikes... The Bandit Rat Pan. This bike was featured in a later issue as a joke test ride. Nowadays, way more dudes dig these types of scooters than back then. Stolen from

Seven years ago, I met Keith at the Beach Ride. I was peddling my goods and he being an art lover, stopped by my booth for a look. We became buds and I've been supplying art, bike concepts, and articles for his website ever since.

The big fella today. Ripped from

Turns out, Bandit is mostly a gentle giant, but don't dare get in his way.