Monday, December 15, 2008

Good Morning....or at least it is right now as I write this.
I haven't updated my blog in the last two days, I imagine if I were to concentrate on the happenings of the news of late, I would have plenty to blog about...I would be seething with frustration regarding the bail outs and other news items I have been trying to ignore. No, I try not to write about things that are just going to make me nuts for hours...if not weeks after investigation on my part regarding how it will affect me and my loved ones....nope, I just refuse to do that.

So, for now, the best I can do is tell you...I continue to walk on a daily basis...On Sat. I took my walk. I didn't do a measured walk, but rather walked my neighborhood. This isn’t very large. I live in a rural setting. On my dead end street there are six houses. On the street that it T bones into...there are twenty more house. With two nearly built ones sitting empty, waiting for someone to get the financing it takes to buy it...and move in. Sigh...housing is becoming a bad investment these days around here.

Now, what I do have in my farms...small farm-ettes, and small cattle farms as well. I find it comforting to have my windows open at night...listening to the cows as they low at the farmer who is up on the hill above my house...bringing hay for his girls and their calves. Most of the calls these gals make sound quite they haven't eaten in hours...cows are much like welfare recipients...big difference is when the cows start complaining...I actually find it soothing to listen to.

The farmettes around here provide shelter for several kinds of animals, which, I will not mention at this time, as I plan to walk today...with my camera, making sure I not only have the camera...but the stinking memory card as well. There are some great characters around here, which deserve their own time and honorable mention here in the blog. So I will introduce them to you this afternoon, once I have taken my walk, taken their pictures, edited the stuff...and downloaded to my PC.
Well, it’s time to start writing for money, rather than pleasure. It’s 5.30 AM…and I am ready to get hard at it for the morning…