Thursday, December 11, 2008

Man it's been awhile...

Well, I've been around, but not in spirit.
I've been busy with my book business...and with keeping Mom healthy...and Jeff happy.
He is pressuring me to get back into Editing and pictures...seems I dropped off the face of the earth this past year in those regards. I was fearful that Jeff wouldn't like me being busy with things outside of the home...and with me being gone to ride as much as I used I haven't been out lately.

So now, I have made the choice to get out more now, rain or shine. This includes starting a devoted time to walk. I think I will start out with a two mile trek at first...steadily working my miliage up.

I also will be riding more. This past year sucked big time...I thought I was doing something for my relationship...but...the "something" I was doing wasn't good for it. So...I'll be off and riding again soon.

I got stopped in Oct. for my helmet. I have been using that helmet since 05...gotten stopped several times, but no one ever mentioned my helmet till now. So I had to go out and buy a new helmet...I actually like the way this one's not like the old DOT helmets...the ones that made me feel like I was wearing a parasail on my head! This one actually sits on my head without choking me. Still can't do anything about the mushroom look...but what the hell...ya do what ya do!

It's been raining here a lot lately,,, raining hard today...and yesterday...with snow expected tonight. So I'll let ya know what is happening...I'll be taking pictures on my walks...and I will let you tell me what you think of em...