Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not at home...

My sister Diane, works for the County Mayor, as his Executive Secretary. She's called in sick today, says she ate something bad last night. Everyone else around here says it's a stomach virus that has been going around the county offices. One of the other secretaries brought in some disinfectant spray...I sprayed the keyboard and the phone just to be sure I don't get what the heck ever it is she has...bad jue-jue going round these offices, I suppose. Oh well, the reason I'm here at the County Mayor's office? I fill in for Diane, at times...when she's sick, or on her vacation days.

I brought my camera with me. She works in the historic district of downtown. I wanted to take my walk down here and get pictures of the area anyway. She is a block away from one of the prettiest covered bridges I have ever seen, and there is a nice walking trail that leads along the river banks here...if it ever quits raining, I hope to get some pictures!

I've had some requests for more pictures of the banks of Buffalo Creek...and again, if it ever quits raining, I will be happy to get some photos of the banks there near the house. We have some interesting trees and root systems, not to mention a family of ferret fellows have made their home nearby on that bank somewhere.

Oh, man...getting up this morning was a real smasher. I mean, I didn't have a problem with getting up myself, but my dog...the poor guy...would have rather stayed asleep for an hour or more longer! He's 15 years old, and will be 16 in March...he's gotten to where he likes to sleep in until around 8.30 9.00, before he gets up for his "shit, shower, and shave." Now concider this, he is very much the the only part of the three "S's" he adheres to anymore is the shitting part. After that, it's into the kitchen for breakfast and morning meds. Once breakfast is inhaled, he once again heads for the great outdoors...just to make sure everything has come out just as it should have.

Jock is blind now. Not to mention he has Author in the joints of his hips, spine, hips, and legs. So I have to wake him him get his surroundings back...massage his hind legs so he can him stand up by picking him up by his hips...steady him till he knows where he is and why he's up...then lead the way to the door for him. He's a great and loyal friend...I love him loads. I'll be sure to upload a picture of him soon...and introduce him to all of you!

We also have a cat in the house. Yes, he is strictly a house kitty. He's been de-clawed, and is an effeminate kind of kitty. Meaning, I took him to have his ball bearings removed long before he even knew what they were...much less where they were. Felix is a long hair black cat. He's intelligent guy, hates to be a lap kitty, loves to fight with Jeff...but he realizes he is not allowed to fight with Mom or me...has to be a lover around us! So Felix waits to ambush Jeff in the early morning hours...on the dark stairs. He will attack Jeff's ankles as he descends the stairs, or he will lie his entire body length out on one of the steps...I think the cat wants to trip Jeff up, and send him sprawling down the stairs. For what possible reason...I don't know, since Jeff is the only one in the house who will play with him the way he wants to be played with...I mean, if Felix hurts Jeff, then who will play mean with the cat?

OK, well this is all for now, I'll write more tomorrow, and post pictures as well. For tonight, when I get home, I will have to go Christmas shopping. I hate this time of year...I never get everything done on time. Aw well...wish me luck at the stores...