Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Do you ever have one of those mornings where you're annoyed well before you even get into traffic?

I managed to get suited up early and I got out on the road during a lull in traffic near my house, and I foolishly thought, "Hooray, I beat traffic today!"

As it turned out, traffic was just waiting for me elsewhere. And traffic was extra heavy today.

Compounding my annoyance was a Mesa police van who would not let me change lanes in front of him. He actually sped up to keep me from moving over.

So, after I let loose a colorful string of profanities, I got into the left lane behind the van. And then, just as a treat, I got to stay behind the van in the HOV lane. All the way to my exit. Had I been so inclined, I could have followed the van all the way to where I work, as my place of employment is close to the county jails.

I was not so inclined, however, so I took a different route. And ended up next to another Mesa police van.

Who wouldn't let me get in to the lane in front of him.

Did I mention I was not in a good mood this morning?

After some more cursing and Popeye-style muttering, I changed lanes behind this new van, and wound up following it the rest of the way to the jails. Annoying.

Once I cooled off a bit, I tried seeing things from the cops' point of view. And I came up with a theory.

I think the van drivers are ticked off, and being dickish because of their annoyance. The Sheriff's office closed the Mesa booking office, so the Mesa officers have to waste their time - time that could be spent protecting me from the zombie hooker apocalypse - driving people into downtown Phoenix to get booked into the jails. And, from what I have gathered from the local news, there is some rivalry between the Sheriff's office and the Mesa police anyhow.

So, I guess I'll cut the Mesa PD vans some slack in the future and just stay out of their way.

Besides, out of sight, out of mind. Ho ho.