Friday, June 12, 2009

Dick Allen Chopper Hero

As a kid buying chopper magazines certain individuals took on rock star status. One of those guys was Dick Allen. Any time a magazine featured something related to Dick you knew it would be cool.

Dick's bike as featured in Choppers Magazine Oct. 68. Here you can see how the secondary sissy bar bolts to the fender and at the bar up top.

Take note of the art and also that skinny 26" front wheel.

During this period, not too many ran a stock bobbed Harley fender on this style of chopper.

Really tall stacks, ...a slight crack?!

It's interesting how time changes things. At that time, many guys dumped their panheads in a flash for the better performance of a shovel. So why did Dick go from a pan to a shovel then latter a knuckle? Some say knucks are the best.

An earlier photo of what appears to be the same bike. Forks are early Sportster that look to be fitted with slugs for extension (check the area between trees). The trees look raked and the lower one still has the fork boot mounts attached. The antique 26" front rim and spokes was still black at this time.

A later shot of Dick on his knuckle "Locomotion", sporting some of his trademark features: 12 spoke 15"mag with car radial tire, swooping sissy bar support, long narrow springer, 2 to 1 collector exhaust, cobra seat, tall z-bars, and Sportster headlight. These features became almost a standard for the South Bay (beach cities L.A.).

Ed Newton's art for Roth's t-shirts and decals. Tall pipes, Indian forks, tall skinny front wheel and a crazy bearded rider. Was this inspired by the wheelie incident or drawn before and later modified for the article? This could have been Dick, as Newton's California Chopper art also seems to be a depiction of Beautiful Buzzard.

The engine here is a shovel and the tanks match Dick's paint. Only Ed Newton would know the back story.


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