Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dr. Sprocket Found

Those of you who read this and some notable other blogs, have probably read comments posted from the elusive Dr. Sprocket. Up until now it was believed that no photos of him existed. There had even been rumors that his image would not appear on film! After an exhaustive search by a hired P.I., this sole image was discovered.

The modest Dr. ID 'ed with an alias (not his real name), surrounded by his admirers from the CA Mens Colony/Big Bike Magazine Prison Show circa 1972. I think it was the tank top and bearing all that skin that sealed the deal.

Next, a package from the Dr. mysteriously appeared in my PO Box. It's thought that it is was intended as a bribe to not run the prison photo. Be patient, there's a ton of Top Secret images on that disc and I have to get a proper clearance from government officials before posting any of it's contents.