Sunday, July 12, 2009

Historic Auto Attractions…An Eclectic Collection in Roscoe IL.

I was told by a tweeter friend...(hiway51) that while in this area, I should go see this museum. I've seen my share of private auto museums...but when I looked this place up on the Internet...

I knew this wasn't your everyday private collection. This collection was eclectic, it was educational, it was going to be one of the most FUN days I've had at a museum.

Historic Auto Attractions

13750 Metric Rd

Roscoe, IL 61073-7638

(815) 389-7917

Absolutely worth the $10.00 entry fee...and if you've been a reader of mine for any length of will know...George Washington and his other presidential green buddies rarely leave my wallet without a fight!

I had such a wonderful time took me two hours to wonder around inside the place...and it is such a wonderful exhibit hall...I will come back again....and again....I really do think there is too much to see in one trip! And he's adding more every year!

Be sure to click on the link above, and take a walking virtual tour with me as I present to you my pictures...and his cool "walking tour".

First you walk through the front door of the museum and you are greeted by a wax butler...

This guy is a kick...I remember him from somewhere in a dark dank memory...but I really don't all....

This area is like a reception and souvenir shop...all kinds of cool metal the old ESSO gas signs and stuff like that for sale in this area...along with other's a wonderful place to browse...but be aware of the time, cuz if you think your coming in the afternoon, do your browsing after the walk through the museum...that way you won't be really want to be able to see the entire tour through the museum before they close for the day.

I discovered something I didn't know here in this area...see this bike? Built right here, in Rockford...I think there is a museum for this bike in that town...but I didn't find an mention of it is...still in the crate...too cool!

OK...over to the kid behind the your money...and through the double doors to a world that is fun and full of wondrous displays of mechanical history!

Walking through the will find yourself greeted by the Duke and Marshall Dillon...the old west awaits you...from Long Rifles and scatter guns from the 1700's to a beautifully restored stage will be impressed with the care taken to display and salute this era of American history.

These guns are from the mid to late 18th cent. Amazing to look at the bore size of the guns…they didn't want to only wound their opponent, they wanted him dead….

In this picture, is a passenger car and caboose, used for filming in the 1930's and 40's….early Lucas engineering? This model train was VERY real…..

Oh and I REALLY took a shine to this hearse...that's my cousin's hubby in the picture...but hey...check out this hearse....

That guy is my cousin's husband…first cousin I had never met before…

Next in the line-up comes this Wells Fargo Stage Coach, beautifully restored….

Next to the Stage Coach…is the 1906 Orient Buckboard.

Turning your back on the Orient Buckboard, you'll find yourself face to face with this exhibit. Now I'm not sure what it has to do with the history of transportation…but OK…I still liked and admired it.


Next to the taxidermy work, was this Fordson Tractor…. I showed this picture to my 85 year old Uncle…a one time farmer…and he became excited to see it…I guess his farm had one or two of them…..

Moving along now…we enter another golden age…the age of the gangsters. You may imagine…with this museum being so close to Chicago…the gangsters portrayed will be from the Chicago area…and you would be right….this is the car used in the movie Bonnie and Clyde, starring Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty. Bonnie and Clyde (1967)

And then we will come across the car owned by John Dillinger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia….

They have the gun that killed Mr. Dillenger….

And a copy of his death mask….

Last, but not least…we come to the Al Capone section, where a Model AA Ford truck is painted to the same specs as Al's trucks that delivered beer to his clients in the metro Chicago area….Al Capone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is by no means the end of the tour...just the end of this portion of the tour. Next installment, we will visit with Elvis, Lady Di, Johnny Cash, a whole lot two days...look out...

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