Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring

At 4:10 this morning Lady Luck and I woke to a massive thunderclap. I believe my thought process went something like this: What the hell?? Ahh! Zombie Apocalypse!! Wait. Thunder? YAY!!!

I love storms. Here in the desert they're spectacular for a couple of reasons. First, the lightning here is always amazing. Second, any variant on "hot and sunny" is a welcome change.

So at approximately 4:11 this morning, Lady Luck asked me if I was going to need a ride to work today. If I'd stayed awake long enough to answer, I would have said "Certainly not! Storms and motorcycles go together like peanut butter and bacon!"

I got out of bed a few minutes earlier than usual in order to get my rain gear out of storage. For the second time ever, it actually rained while I was wearing my gear. I've mentioned before that getting my rain suit on pretty much guarantees dry weather for the duration of my ride. Well, today I got thoroughly soaked. That is to say, my rain suit did. I was dry, comfy and rather tickled with the novelty of rain.

There was only one other rider out on my route to work this morning. Frankly, I was a bit disappointed. I thought for sure the friendly Goldwing rider I wave to on the freeway every morning would be out. The guy I did see was on what looked like a GSX-R. Apparently, Arizona's hardcore riders are all on sportbikes...

Of course, in my excitement, I also got rolling about fifteen minutes earlier than usual, so perhaps the regulars were all out and I was simply too early to see them.

When I reached the office, I got to enjoy the battery of questions and funny stares I always get when I ride in the rain, as well as some new questions I haven't heard before.

One which particularly stuck out was, "Doesn't the lightning bother you?"

I'm a polite sort of guy, at work, so I just said "No, I like to watch the lightning, really." What I wanted to say was, "Not unless it hits me."

The apparent amazement some folks have when I ride in the rain amuses me quite a bit. I mean, why would I avoid riding just because of a little water? After all, the temperature isn't going to be this nice again for the rest of the summer. Darn right I'm going to ride! I'd have to be crazy not to.

Of course, that's probably what it comes down to. I'm the crazy one. Everyone else goes for the safe and rational choice and drives to work in their cozy little automobiles. I'm the one foolishly enjoying two-wheeled pleasures that mainstream society will never know and, frankly, don't care to. The folks who see me clomping along the sidewalk in my rain gear, dripping water and grinning ear to ear don't understand. They don't realize that by seven in the morning, my day has already kicked ass and, in fact, the rest of the workday is likely to be a let down.

And between you and me, when it comes to the drudgery of rational choices such as staying dry and avoiding discomfort, I'm happy to stay here in my crazy little motorcycle world where it's always a perfect day for a ride.

You're invited.