Monday, August 31, 2009

Incredible Disappearing Motor Cop

I think I've mentioned it before, but police officers unnerve me. Fact is, there's a lot of laws out there, and if they feel like busting me, I'm sure there's something I'm doing that isn't strictly legal.

Also, I've been informed on several occasions that I look suspicious.

Motorcycle-riding police unnerve me extra because, for one, they don't wave back and for two, they're better at being invisible than I am.

This afternoon as I rode home from work, I took advantage of a lull in traffic and opened up the throttle a touch. Not much at all, compared to traffic. Of course, 75 in a 55 is still 20mph over the speed limit. If you're counting.

There was another rider behind me, and he actually passed me as I moved over. I gave him a wave as he went by, and noticed another biker out of the corner of my eye. I gave that fellow an up-nod, and then noticed he was a cop.

So I gracefully slowed to a more prudent speed. Which is to say, I dropped anchor and wondered if traffic school might be fun.

I sort of expected the cop to pass me. Usually, they do.

This one didn't. I moved over another lane and continued decelerating until I was moving at a totally legal 56 mph. Except for in Wisconsin, going exactly the speed limit seems to be like a big flashing light screaming "I'm up to something! Follow me for days."

He didn't pass. I got a little more nervous.

He continued his "not passing" ways.

I checked my mirrors to see if there were any pretty red and blue lights back there. There weren't.

And there was no cop.

Where the Hell did he go, I wondered. And how did I get out of being pulled over?

I see four possibilities:

1. He was in a good mood and let it slide.

2. He felt a certain bond with another motorcyclist stupid... er... rugged enough to be out in this kind of weather.

3. He was messing with me.

4. It was too hot out, and there was no cop, just me losing my mind as my skull-fluids boiled.

But seriously, do they give those guys ninja-vanishing lessons? Irondad?