Monday, August 3, 2009

One Hundred and Too Many Degrees

I am very spoiled when it comes to my parking situation for work. I've got a nice, covered, mostly-secured garage where the Triumph can comfortably wait for me to get out of the office and back to the more important task of carving up the roads in Phoenix.

Well, this week I'm out of the office and instead spending my time at a training facility in order to be the best nerd I can be. Overall, this is pretty sweet.

However, the parking situation at the training facility, to put it kindly, sucks. Outdoors, wide open, no shade to be found. I'll tell you what, although I'd rather ride than be stuck in a cage, hopping on a black Triumph that's been sitting in the August sun in Phoenix is not comfortable.

Apart from the odd heat making me wonder if I've somehow wet my pants, the tank is hot enough to burn my legs through my pants.

I can deal with all of this, of course, but I'd really rather not.

Tomorrow I'm bringing a towel to cover the more important contact points on the bike...