Monday, August 24, 2009

The Starship Enterprise

and a Mighty Mini

A new reader of the blog who goes by Mingal sent an email and included some photos.

Chris....feel free to post it... the guy I bought the photo from , said that the owner of the body work had brought it around to the local H-D shop and they displayed it for a week, trying to get some sales for it.

The captain is ready for blast off!

I've seen similar pictures that describe it as an "Enterprise" and I think it was from 1961. Just thought you might get a giggle out it for your blog, which I might ad, is very well done.

Here's another cool photo, taken of me on a 1969 Honda Mini-Trail with a mid 60's 650 Triumph engine in it. Starts on the first kick, makes a lot of noise and grabs a lot of attention.......yeah, it's "only" a single carb. :)

I'm surprised how well the engine fits. In addition to the down tubes and lower frame rails, I'd guess the backbone is also stretched some. -C.K.