Sunday, August 2, 2009

This Month's Header, Fast Times at Downey High

To many, August means Sturgis. I chose this month' art since it's a group of riders on a run.

It's hard to recall exactly how things went

The year was 1973, I was 17 and a senior in high school. We were given an assignment in the senior art class for a PTA contest called, "This is Our Country".

This page from the Jan. 1973 issue of Street Chopper served as the basis for the art.

Our Art teacher first assigned us to do a pencil drawing, then it would be done in watercolors.

This is probably the oldest painting I have. Up until that time I mostly drew with pen and pencils. I did several chopper themed artworks in my art classes that year.

April 6,1973. This photo ran on the "Women's Page" in the local paper called the Southeast News. Our school's principal is holding my art yet they put me in the back. It's hard to see but the award (shown below), is attached to the art.

April 1st. Not exactly the best day to tell somebody they won something. I thought it was pretty cool of the PTA to give an award to art depicting choppers.