Saturday, August 8, 2009

Von Dutched?

Recently Irish Rich did a post on this Dick Hirschberg Sportster. It was mentioned that it was painted orange and detailed by Von Dutch. It reminded of a bike and prompted me to find a photo from El Camino 1989.

Okay, it's different but, it also has that "From the hand of Von Dutch" look. The frame is pinstriped in a similar fashion. It has some interesting features. It has a hand shift. The brake pedal must be on the right side. It appears to be the front brake lever on the bars so, where's the clutch lever? Also, check out those frame, shock and swing arm mods. Anybody have any info about this unique machine?

Updated after some comments. Clutch Mystery Solved. You can see the clutch cable coming thru the motor mount and it's outer cable held at what at first seemed to be a pedal. The pedal is mostly lost in the black but it's looks like it's tip extends at the front of the primary right behind the top rear motor mount bolt.