Friday, February 5, 2010

Fast Motorcycles Will Save Your Soul

I can't think of another activity quite as good for one's overall mental and spiritual health as regular motorcycle rides.

Maybe it's the inherent risk. Maybe it's the need to be aware and living in the moment. Maybe it's the thrill of being a part of the scene instead of watching it through a window.

Maybe it's just fun. Fun is underrated in our society. Everybody claims to be looking for it, or is attempting to sell it, but no one seems to be having any. We go to work every day at jobs that, on the whole, suck. Then we go home and stress out about whatever it is we're stressed about. Our jobs. Taxes. Bills. Death. We feel guilty about taking our vacation time, to the point that a ridiculous number of people allow their employers to call and demand their time while on vacation! And that's if they take a vacation in the first place. I know a bunch of my co-workers have so much vacation time saved up that they lose it at the end of the year. What's that about?

Fun is important. It's widely accepted that laughter is good for us. That's because laughing is fun. If you can't bring yourself to have fun, it is a sign that something is very wrong. Fun is food for your spirit. I'm not advocating an irresponsible, hedonistic lifestyle*, just a regular time out from drudgery to do something fun.

And a fast motorcycle** is fun.

I know a lot of you folks are ice-bound right now. If you're not inclined to install spikes on your tires and get out riding, I can respect that. You're welcome to haul your bike down here, by the way. I know some great roads. I won't even tease you about trailering your bike.

Anyway, if you're grounded for the time being, I hope you've got something fun going on. Because life is too important to waste it without a little fun.

*I am, however, firmly in favor of responsible hedonism.
**Slow motorcycles are also fun.