Friday, February 12, 2010

Playing Musical Motorcycles before Sunrise

So I rolled the Triumph out of the garage today, and when I went back in to lock up, I noticed a new puddle of oil where the bike had been sitting.


Now, I could have taken the ET4 to work, but honestly, three days of riding that thing and I remember why I like fast bikes so much. And besides the GTS needed a run this week, right?

Unfortunately, getting the GTS out of the garage required shuffling all the bikes around. A bit of a pain. Anyway, bikes shuffled and put back in their proper spots, I got the garage closed up and hopped on the big Vespa.

It needed gas. Argh.

None of this is actually an issue (apart from the oil leak...), except it was too early in the morning for all this tomfoolery. Hopefully, moving motorcycles around will be the biggest problem I encounter today.