Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spreading The Good Word

There is a woman who rides an older black and teal (with matching seats) Honda Shadow in to work just about every day. I've chatted with her a couple of times and she seems pretty cool.

The other night as I was getting my helmet secured, she looked over the ET4 (her expression said, "how many bikes does this guy have?"), and asked me if I have a car I use when it rains.

A car? For something minor like rain?

It took me a second to gather my thoughts. I mean, obviously I've got a car. I just don't use it for getting around unless I absolutely have to.

Now, I don't give smart-assed answers to honest questions. So I told her about my magical rain gear (prevents water from coming within two blocks of me!), and that I don't let a little water stop me.

I'd guess she thought I was only a little bit crazy.