Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Few From Pops Day

You can' tell from this photo, but there seemed to be more people than usual.

This KR was one of the highlights of the event to me.

Original Bikes Rock. In this case, a 1969 XLCH

There's no white wall on choppers!

I believe I overhead the kid with the family that owns this trike say it was a '38. I didn't see anything '38 about it. The tanks are '47- 50, and the engine was stamped '59. The rear box may have been the smaller early one.

It's nice to see old relics (27 Henderson 4), being ridden, but watching him almost lose it getting into traffic was scary. He popped the clutch, got squirrely, and ended up on the wrong side of the road. He recovered quickly and was really lucky that nobody was in the lane at that moment.

Garage Co. bikes. Nice stance. This shovels swinging fender, frame and springer combo reminds me of Roth's Oink.

Leave it to me to only photograph American bikes at a British shop. The truth is, I was disappointed at the turn out of Brit bikes this year. Maybe it was my timing.