Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Street Cred, Denied

According to the standards documents I found online, it has officially been a very long time since I got new tires put on the Triumph. And, try as I might, daily commuting has not yet worn off the sprue nubs on the edges of my tires. Either they are very tough nubs, or I'm not spending nearly enough time at exciting angles. Or both.

Anyway, last night I glanced down at my tire and noticed there didn't appear to be any of the nubs remaining on the left side of my tire. Hooray, right?

This morning I discovered that, despite my best attempts, there were still plenty of nubs on the left side. Dammit.

I'm tempted to just sit down and pick them off, but something about doing so feels unsportsman-like.

I need to find some fast twisty roads before I lose all of my credibility...