Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Venice Vintage MC Show

On Sunday I cruised on up to Venice to check out the show. I got there late (around 2 p.m.), it was probably peaking as I could hardly make my way through the crowded street.

The group was really mixed. There were Honda's, Indians, Harleys, Beemers, and British bikes, though not as many nice Brits as I would have expected. Since it was filtering out fairly fast, things could have been different earlier.

This old Scout was an attention getter.

Rust never sleeps.

Memory says 1910

Definitely not vintage. An amazing example of what you can build and still legally register as a motorcycle. It follows the theme of Roth's original V-8 trike intentions, build a Dragster for the street.

A few of the judged entries.

A flashy '72.

Hardcore. Bikes tend to say something about their owners.

A group from the Garage Co.

Another nice Scout.

This kid's face says it all!