Friday, August 20, 2010

Messing with the Brand Zombies

You know what I love doing?

Passing those Harley-branded F-150 trucks on my little sportbike.

It sends their drivers into a tizzy.

While there are assholes in every make and model of automobile, I've noticed the scale is a bit skewed with those Harley-F150 pick-em-ups. Maybe it's just because I notice them when they're driving like assholes, and not when they're driving reasonably. I don't claim to be perfect.

All the same, it's no end of fun passing them and then observing their attempts to catch up and get past me in traffic. They'll swerve around from lane to lane, accelerating hard and making a dandy racket with their noisy, chromed exhaust. And then, maybe it's because of that Harley badge on the tailgate, they'll sometimes end up in front of me.

This is a very brief state of existence for them. I hope they enjoy it.

Passing them the second time, without even accelerating, usually makes me laugh out loud. I always wonder if their drivers have ever actually ridden a bike...