Thursday, August 5, 2010

RolleiFlex Old Standard 620

This is not your average camera : I grew-up with this camera on my side. It was the only "hi tech" object my Father possessed as he had no taste for technology.
This 621 Rollei-flex was manufactured in Germany in 1934. My Dad found it in a ditch near Lindau (Tyrol) in 1945.
It was probably forsaken along with mountains of objects & weapons, that US and French soldiers found at their feet.
My Father who was an aspiring doctor returned with 2 Tyrolean pipes, 3 beer mugs, 1 Leitz (Wh)binoculars and the Rolleiflex.
I recently realized how much this camera educated my relationship with the world of objects : materials & textures (the brown leather of the case, the sheathing and the worn metal corners of the camera).
It was such an advanced technolocical camera, with a double sporty visor (6x6 & 6x9).
Well, I probably caught the "Vintage" virus from my Dad's Rolleiflex.

1945 Near Lindau

1946 Aromanches

1946 first Grand Prix de Paris (Porte de Saint Cloud)