Friday, August 13, 2010

You Drink Coffee, I Ride Motorcycles.

Here's how I knew I was in for a sleepy day today: my first thought after swinging a leg over the Triumph was, "Aaah, comfy."

Not that the Speed Four has particularly extreme ergonomics, but it is a sportbike. Comfort comes second to performance.

Anyway, when I'm sleepy I can't get comfortable unless I contort myself into some unnatural position. So hopping on a sportbike and tucking in feels absolutely wonderful.

And the adrenaline kick that follows shortly afterwards isn't bad either.

As I rode in to work this morning, I found myself stuck behind a slow minivan in the HOV lane. Mildly irritated, I glanced down at my speedometer, figuring this jerk was rolling along at a leisurely 45 miles per hour. Nope. I was going 80.

Since that was, actually, a totally reasonable speed, perhaps even a bit faster than I usually go, I backed off and started to imagine the scenario of getting pulled over for speeding.

"Well, you see officer, I gave up coffee, and I gotta wake up somehow."

I don't know if that would fly.