Friday, September 3, 2010

Waiting on Parts...SUCKS

We are all beginning to experience the advance of fall. Some parts of our country is experiencing SNOW in the higher elevations! My brother drives truck, he called to say he will be attaching chains to the wheels and driving west on I-70  overnight.  It's cold in Colorado I guess.

But I don't live in Colorado. I'm in North East Tennessee and the weather dude is predicting the best weather we've seen since early spring!  I'm pissing oil from the lifter block.  A crack has developed. I believed the problem was a pinched wrong could I be?  Long story short? They don't have the part for my 17 year old Sportster.  Of course this is a holiday weekend. They will have my bike much too long. I'm bummed.  No riding... No cool photos .... this is all I have.

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