Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Carnage to Mistress

Here are some photos of the damage to Mistress, my 2003 V-Star 1100 Classic, after we went down. I've already started putting her back together. I've got the handlebars back on. This weekend I plan on removing the windscreen to straighten out the left side bracket. Then install the left rear turn signal housing. I have not ordered the lenses yet. Thanks to some of the folks over on my favorite forum the V-Star 1100 Riders forum for helping acquire some used parts inexpensively. If you ride a V-Star 1100, you need to hang out there.

Gonna need a new light bar.

Windscreen has some character marks.

Left saddle bag was bad already & now is a total loss. Oh well, I wanted hard bags anyway.

There is where the handlebar controls dinged the tank.

The left handlebar mount was bent back and was extremely hard to get out.

My sons helped me pry it off using a large pry bar!

Ride on,