Sunday, December 19, 2010

More Of My Favorite Photos

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Image Caption: Blue Hole, Elizibethton, TN.

In 2009, I got on a "WATERFALL" kick. I looked for as many photographic waterfalls I could find. I rode my bike as well as hiked to find them.  These were taken with my FinePix camera...and I think they leave some to be desired. Oh what the heck, I'm still figuring out how to take great photos...

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Image Caption: Butler Island, GA.

I took a road trip to Florida. Side roads for the most part. I'd never been this way before. I found Butler Island GA. and the marshes of GA to be absolutely magnificent.

My Sportster and the little log cabin on RT. 70.
Image Caption: Near Rogersville, TN.

And then we have great opportunities for finding old log structures like this one. What better way to photograph a great old home like this, then with my bike in the foreground?

The eclectic little country store
Image Caption: Old Country Stores are novelties now

Who doesn't like these novel and eclectic country stores?  Fun on the outside, and just "WOW" on the inside!

An old time machine shed still in use
Image Caption: This log outbuilding is classically cool

For me, riding is all about noticing your surroundings. Would you have seen this well enough to stop and photograph from your car? Doubtful.  I'm a tourist when I ride my bike, and I don't care who knows it!

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Image Caption: Mountains Purple Majesty. 

I'm so very lucky to live here in this part of the country, where the roads offer such views.

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Image Caption: Kitty Hawk NC

This photo is not of any particular fancy grade, but I did enjoy my trip to Kitty Hawk, I think I want to do it again.

Grand Guitar Building
Image Caption: Grand Guitar Building, Bristol TN.

Isn't this a fun building? I was so impressed with it. I stopped and photographed it. I had a bit of a problem with parts falling off my bike when I took this ride from Bristol to Greenville, but it was one of my most memorable rides in this area.

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Image Caption: Another iconic view, depicting the views of beautiful Tennessee

Let me ask you, why you don't stop to take photos like these? I know you ride in place that rival Tennessee in beauty...does shots like these make you think "I know a place like this, very close to where I live!"

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Image Caption: I love old cars.

All of you who have followed my adventures for a while know how much I love old classic cars found on the roadsides!

I think I should leave some photos for another posting! I have so many...come on back y'all!