Sunday, February 13, 2011

Two Wheeled Riding Withdrawals

Two Wheeled Riding Withdrawals

Anyone who has been addicted for any length of time to riding on two wheels, specifically motorcycles, and has been denied access to that mount, may come down with Midlife Motorcycle Madness. (Click the link to go to the definition.) With Mistress down for repairs I have been acutely aware of the symptoms and peculiarities of this disease.

Riding on two wheels is akin to an alcoholic or drug high. You just can’t seem to get enough of it. Several things start to happen when not being able to ride, mostly just substitution. One is that you be spending a lot of time working on your bike performing upgrades, maintenance or repairs. You will probably spend every other free moment reading everything you can find about motorcycles in hard or electronic copy. You may also be spending a lot of time on forums & social media discussing everything two wheeled related.

When not doing these things you may develop some other peculiar symptoms of the disease. You will find yourself being a lot more sensitive to the sound of a v-twin or sport bike revving, even in the distance and it will draw your attention directly to it. Your right hand occasionally will twist like it is time to accelerate, usually right after a left foot shift twitch. You might find yourself driving along the far left lane of the freeway hugging the left stripe to see around the traffic in front of you. You may also find yourself wandering around the house leaning yourself around the corners.  Don't ask me how I know.

Truthfully there is only one cure and that is riding a motorcycle on the open road and the open road is optional! The acceleration, adrenalin, twisties and wind take away all the bad side effects. See you on the road soon.

Ride on,