Tuesday, September 20, 2011

L.L.L. #5 A Denver's Chopper?

The bike in this image is from The Leather Works ad from the September 1975 Street Chopper I've had since new. I've looked at this bike many times and wondered about it since it appears to be a high quality build. I was just going to post it, then thought I better take another look at the photos below.

I had the Street Chopper with this feature on Bob Clark's bike but, never put the two together until now. Since I no longer have that magazine, I don't recall anything about the bike. (I don't recall which blog this and the 2 below photos are from)

This photo really shows it off well. I was never a fan of Invader 5 spoked wheels but got to admit they seem to go well on this bike.

A check of the 40th anniversary issue of Street Chopper revealed a page written by Bob with this photo. He used to be co-owner of Choppers Specialties but calls it his Denver's bike, so I guess that's who built it, or where the frame and forks came from, or was his inspiration.

Another one to make you wonder.... where is it now?