Saturday, January 28, 2012

FC Moto 650NK is a duplicate of Kawasaki ER-6

otoMan friend this time we will discuss about copy copy, or duplicate other words,,
Again, Chinese manufacturers make two-wheeled commotion lovers, especially lovers of motor sport. No half-hearted this time, aka motor Mocin emulate China's motor sport Kawasaki ER-6.

CF is the motto which is a Chinese motor manufacturer has introduced a new fleet which they named 650NK with an engine capacity of 650cc reached. FC does not stop there motto was now ready for mass produced motorcycle memuasakan their customers in China.

As reported by visidorwn, Thursday (30/06/2011) FC Moto 650NK has emerged in China and has met the dealers in China to form offered looked familiar because it has a remarkable similarity with the Kawasaki ER-6.

The resemblance was seen throughout the body belongs to FC Moto 650NK with Kawasaki ER-6. Like the shape of bones and body lines of the two vehicles.

Similarities can be seen in the headlamp's FC Moto-shaped oval, only there is a difference in the speedometer. When Kawasaki's ER-6 speedometer above the headlamp there like a hat, but for FC Moto has a speedometer that may be in a headlamp which has become one entity.

Further similarities were also seen in the fuel tank that carries the impression of a charming sports.

But there is little difference in side the tank lid. When FC motto 650NK, cover over and above the tank is then contained turn signal and engine cover into a separate section. While in the position of the Kawasaki ER-6 had no cover but there are only a tank of V Twin engine cover slightly angled shape and contained turn signal.

While upholstery seating for both rider this bike is different. FC Moto 650NK offers two separate setter, but for the Kawasaki ER-6 offered seatter form a unity and longer.
Subsequently found on the rear engine cover and step to put a foot for rear passengers. FC Moto form offered much stiffer with the look of two-dimensional. While the Kawasaki ER-6 is more feminine and attractive with only one bar offers a step.

The resemblance is very visible on the placement of the second exhaust this bike. But the only difference being the form of exhaust Kawasaki ER-6 is more pointy like a missile, while the FC's motto 650NK has a larger form.

So is the cover under the engine and exhaust under very similar, only the shapes are different vent.

And for the rest like the placement of the legs, back and front suspension, disc discs, body position and shape of bones are all the same frame.

Wow, terrific China for the umpteenth time, can provide a perfect duplicate.

ok so first discussion this time, hopefully can be an inspiration and information to help you,, (otoMan)