Saturday, January 28, 2012

RX-8 Spirit R is the last series of the RX-8

otoMan friend, this time we will discuss about the RX-8,,
when talking about this car I am a little sad, why kana this car and the car that I like the favorite but menagapa fate I ended at the end of this year well,,: '(

Mazda RX-8 will bid farewell to Indonesia's automotive connoisseurs. The trick, a special edition Mazda RX-8 which is the Spirit R final edition will be present in the archipelago before the generation Mazda RX-8 destroyed.

Sports car that carries the rotary engine itself will meet its end later this year. And as a farewell, Mazda is preparing a special edition car called the Mazda RX-8 Spirit R.

According to the plan, for the Indonesian market, this car will be available in February 2012.

"In February we will launch, this is a special edition car," said President Director of PT Mazda Motor Indonesia Keizo Okue in Jakarta, Wednesday (01/25/2012).

The car that became the last special edition from Mazda itself takes the basis of the RX-8 Type RS (ie, 6-speed manual transmission) and Type E (6 speed automatic transmission).

Some special features are applied in this special car termauk use of red-colored brake calipers that give the impression of racing and SRS side airbag in the front doors and dashboard.

Tire size 225/40R19 89W with 19-inch alloy rims will also be applied to an automatic transmission while the manual version will use a tire size of 225/45R18 91W with a smaller rim that is 18 inches.
"In it will use leather with special stitching and logo," added the Mazda through the Marketing Manager of PT Mazda Motor Indonesia, Astrid Ariani Widjana the same place.

In Japan, the car was sold for 3.25 million yen (USD 379.2 million) for the manual transmission and 3.12 million yen (USD 364 million) for the automatic transmission.

As for the selling price in Indonesia, both Astrid and Okue still reluctant to talk about it. Both said they would open up new selling price of this car when the time of its release arrives.

But as a comparison, the Mazda RX-8 now released at a price of USD 660.2 million.
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