Sunday, January 29, 2012

Zest Fest 2012

Zest Fest 2012

If you like spicy / hot food you have to attend a Zest Fest. Just got back from Zest Fest 2012. Believe me when I tell you there was more than enough hot things to sample. Here are some photos:

There is Joshua, my youngest, on the left in the red sweat jacket. His head is turned, no doubt, so you cannot see him snickering after coning me into sampling something excruciatingly hot.

Dreadlocks & painted faces at the Zach's Zombie Sauce table.

They had a stage for musicians and for cooking demos.

This was on a tank top.

They had just about everything you could think of with hotness added, from margarita mix to chocolate. I sweated and even cried it was so good. Half of the fun was just seeing what they named some of the products. I left with a full belly from sampling and a mouth that was on fire. They had milk stations set up but wanted $2.00 for a small school kids sized carton. If you are in the D/FW area I hope I'll see you next year.

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