Sunday, February 26, 2012

Advertise on Bikers Expressway

Dear Advertiser,

I am writing to inform you of a new motorcycle specific website to advertise on, Bikers Expressway. Bikers Expressway just recently launched in January of 2012. It is geared to motorcyclists, bikers and scooterists of all types. Bikers Expressway is a motorcycle product advertising service where we personally search the web for the best deals on motorcycle products of all types. We then post those for the biker community to view and direct them where to purchase. We are currently looking for advertisers for anything and everything related to motorcycling.

Bikers Expressway is where you can advertise your weekly or monthly motorcycle deals, discounts, closeouts and specials. Bikers Expressway does not sell anything but ad space, similar to Deal Sucker, 24 Day Deals, Todays DOD, and Deal A Day, we just direct our subscribers to the best motorcycle related deals.

Bikers Expressway customers subscribe to our Weekly Deals Newsletter, Twitter account, Google + account, Facebook account, Blog or the RSS Feedand we direct them to your site for purchases.
Partner with Bikers Expressway and receive a discount on Sale Item Listings and Sidebar Advertisements.

Affiliates also get a banner add on the Affiliates Page Listingwhich links to your site along with a description of the site.

Sale Item Listings are the best way to be seen, and will generally stay on the first page for around 5-6 days. The ads will receive social media advertising on: Facebook, Twitter, & Google Plus. Sale Item Listings also get posted on the Bikers Expressway Blog, RSS feed and placed in the weekly e-mail to subscribers.

Bikers Expressway offers Sidebar Ad space (text, html, flash or image) to be placed in the right sidebar. Pricing is based on a 160x160 square. For longer ads just multiply by the length of the ad.

We are open to custom ad placement and sizing. Please contact me at so we can discuss what you have in mind and we can give you an estimate. If you cannot support these rates and are a small company, email me as well, we can work with you. All pricing is negotiable.

 Thank you for your interest,
John Ashford (Torch)

*In our effort to keep this site a family friendly site, Bikers Expressway will not host sexually explicit advertisements or link to sexually explicit websites.