Thursday, February 23, 2012

BENELLI launched four new bike in april

otoMan friends, this time we will discuss about BENELLI,, what's wrong with benneli, let's discuss!
recently started the Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Benelli to expand into Indonesia more mature. After doing some type of test, now PT Benelli Motor Indonesia (BMI) was ready to market 4 mogenya. Initially, it will launch a Benelli moge first.
according to one source BENELLI it will launch several new variants, more as follows:
"If no obstacles in April," go to Joel Kusuma, Business Development Manager of BMI, while showing four andalanya model that has been hanging in the show room on the Gunung Sahari Benelli, Central Jakarta.
The first is Benelli TRE-K 1130. These bike have the specifications of the engine 3 cylinder, 1131 cc. Strength reaches 125 hp at 9,000 rpm. Was 112 Nm torque at 6,000 rpm. In the design of thick feel moge explorers.

"This is the last version, in 2011. Characteristic existing 100-year anniversary emblem Benelli in the tank," said the man was friendly.

Then there is the Cafe Racer 1130, moge street fighter who is carrying a machine that is not much different from the TRE-K 1130. But in performance, has a slightly larger power.
Another model is the Century Racer 899, had a similar design Cafe Racar 1130 but the engine is smaller. Last is BJ600GS, this particular model is quite special because it carries the 600cc 4-cylinder engine. Beyond the typical features of 3-cylinder Benelli.

Unfortunately, for the price it was still dark. The PT BMI was reluctant to divulge. "Joel said.
so first friend Ottoman,, leaked this time, hopefully can be the inspiration and information for you, amen (otoMan)