Friday, February 24, 2012

Honda RC212V versus RC213V

otoMan friends this time we will discuss about the duel motor honda,,
this time we are going to complain Honda RC212V and RC213V.mengapa I choose that? let's discuss >>
This is related to the statement Shuhei Nakamoto, executive vice president who claims that HRC  RC213V and RC212V motor baseball much different. The most significant difference only in the capacity of the engine and gear ratio at 5-6.

"Even with the 800cc we had to Reduced the power up to fourth gear," he said. "So compared with the 800, with the 1000cc we have more power in fifth and sixth gear.
Power on 5-6 teeth makes bike go faster. More long-winded. But he said because it is faster on the straights, the drivers also will make braking more quickly. So that the total time will not be much different.
So also for the speed in the corners, depending on the chassis and tires. If the settings can be quickly okay
. But apesnya weighs heavier. "Of course, I expect the lap time to be better than the 800, but not a big difference," Shuhei Nakamoto hope.
See specs on the official web HRC also looked at all if a low profile. Specifications and dimensions are exactly the same chassis. Different only in the capacity of the engine and power, the other the same.
such as test results yesterday, Stoner and Pedrosa's performance in Sepang yesterday was slower under the record time of life when 800 cc.
so first discussion times, may be a useful article,, (otoMan)