Monday, February 20, 2012

Modification Yamaha Jupiter MX135 "sport n cool"

otoMan-Some time ago had written the 2010 Yamaha Jupiter MX135 disposable body cover owls. But, when it can not be mounted directly plek. And it turns out, the original cover body Lent Modified design from East Java is indeed one of the allotment.

"The reason, cover the body of the owl is more fit for Lent Modified MX135 generation before 2010. If dipaksain installed in 2010 over generations, many have sacrificed, "said Candra Tanujaya of WW Motor, Palembang.

Candra said, cover body Lent Modified artificial owls, including right-left-wing cover and includes a cover of the middle frame. For installation in 2010 to the MX135, must make a new handle on the case.

"In fact, the bones under the seat must be cut a little tip to tail cover to enter. In contrast, when applied in the old MX135. Staying put, "commentator Candra 30-year-old.

So, since this time Candra MX135 plug in 2008, baseball is hard. There is no addition or subtraction of the bracket. That is, the body of an owl lived plek MX135 plug into the 2008 version.

"But, there are still shortcomings. Frame under the seat can not get it all covered. Still one can look straight, "lid Candra.
And it is true, there are still a few open after the disposable cover the owl's body. Compare yourself if you still wear the original MX135. Framework under tightly closed. Dong is not yet fitted shirt? (otoMan)

Tires: 90/80-17 FDR
Exhaust: R9
Handel coupling: KTC
WW Motor: (0711) 7062064