Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Leathers - A Bikers Poem

My Leathers

My leathers have been with me since I started motorcycling,
I tend to wear them whenever I’m riding.

They are faded from the elements, stretched and saggy from use,
but they still keep me from taking abuse.

My leathers bare the scars, scrapes and abrasions from a few slips and some spills,
and my leathers still keep me warm from those morning chills.

Despite them being my body guard we have become old friends,
going on long rides together taking on hills, valleys and bends.

My leathers have sheltered me from the rain and from the fog,
they even have blocked the bite of an angry dog.

They have protected me from flying rocks and from bugs,
and have been on the receiving end of many hugs.

My leathers have shaded me from the blistering sun,
on a long, dry and hot Texas run.

Over time they have become supple and comfortable like a well broken in boot,
as a bonus, there’s a place for my gun in case I need to shoot.

My leathers are getting old, wrinkly and are slightly tattered,
but they continue to protect me from getting battered.

They have screened me from the wind,
and they will stay with me to the end.

But at the end of this long ride,
it’s not just a cows hide,

It’s my skin.

© 2012 - Torch

Ride on,