Thursday, February 9, 2012

new Honda cars 2012

Ottoman companions this time we will discuss about the latest Honda cars,
definitely on the right curious as to what shape and where the new car features in comparison with the first Honda car,, ok we just discussed >>
yesterday in the United States has been held NAIAS (North American International Auto Show) in 2012 which took place on December 9 to 22 January 2012 in the city of Detroit, the United States.
a highly prestigious event which almost every yahunya held in America to introduce the technologies or the latest farian-farian various car manufacturers.

in conjunction with the 2012 NAIAS event adakanya Honda Motor Co.Ltd formally introduce the Acura NSX in the prestigious event.
Honda Acura NSX, which was launched at the event Concept NAIAS (North American International Auto Show) 2012 - Honda Acura NSX Concept generation adopts a more environmentally friendly engines, sport-hybrid engine technology with E-SH-AWD (Super Handling-Electric-All Wheel Drive) V-6 with seven (7) the acceleration is different from its predecessor which uses the technology engine mid-engine V-10.
Front view of the Honda Acura NSX Concept

Latest generation Acura NSX has a length of 4.330 mm, width 1.895 mm, height 1.180 mm, and 2.575-axis distance. For the material, Acura NSX using aluminum base material so that its weight becomes lighter, and make better car performance. There is also a technology Electric Power Steering to produce better handling performance.
Rear Honda Acura NSX Concept

To look very futuristic shape starting from the exterior and interior. Headlight-equipped with narrow-shaped LED lights on the front, while at the rear of the rear wings are thin and very different to adorn his predecessor who was standing upright.

Side Honda Acura NSX Concept

At the same event, Honda also introduced two models of Acura concepts, namely, ILX Acura Concept, a compact luxury sedan hybrid engine that will soon be entering the production phase and will be released as early as the Spring 2012, and the Acura RDX SUV Acura Concept is the latest generation of went on sale in early 2013.
ILX side view Honda Acura Hybrid Concept

Seems a variant of the Honda Acura RDX Concept

ok, so first discussion this time, that's the latest cars from Honda,,,, I hope this information is useful for friends of the otoMan (otoMan)