Sunday, February 5, 2012

SPRING: IT'S COMING...I can feel the drums!

Actually, it's only early February,but here in North East Tennessee we've had a very mild winter and bikes have been out more than they have been put up. NICE! 

The weather has been in the high 50's with a few days where the mercury has soared into the low sixties! This is the kind winter weather we as riders pray for. It's a blessing from ... well if you have God, it's from God. If you have something else such as Karma .... perhaps it's just that this region has been blessed with good Karma? How ever you choose to garner your blessings, it's what it is. I'm happy to have what I got. Yes, the days can be a bit damp and cold, but I'm still riding. Life is good. 

I have been planning to ride to Columbia, TN for Mule Days. This is a celebration of the animal that started our trek across America as the pioneers started to make their way from East to West. The event continues for the entire Spring season! It's amazing. 

Starting on Feb. 25,2012 You can start your day watching mules in the Tennessee state pulling contest, and close the day with a beauty pagent. OK, so the gals are dressed in blue jeans and plaid shirts not bikinis. It's still pretty girls contesting one another on stage. It could be fun...maybe? But the real fun starts with the wagon train that wends it's way through middle Tennessee on the back roads for 2 days of slow mule paced plodding. Still, it has to be quite the sight. You can join for a ride and a night of camping for only $60 bucks! If you choose to come to the park and forego the mule train, admission for the day is 8 bucks or you can get a weekend pass for 15 dollars. Don't forget you can also camp for the weekend. I want to do this. Even if I can only stay one day. I'd better let my boss know I need a day off for this event. 

You can find more information here: MULE DAYS 

Did y'all hear? Last week I was riding around the Mars Hill N.C. area,

 and I stopped for gas. As I was in the store pre-paying for my fuel, some guy shouts "Hey! That guy just knocked that bike over at the pumps!" I fly out the door to give the joker some of my well earned ass chewing and to pick up my bike when he slides out from under my bike and jumps into a waiting pickup truck and takes off. 
I pick the bike up and check for damage. Not seeing any I go back inside to pay for the gas. The guy inside (whose ethnicity I shall not get into) is laughing his ass off at my predicament. I quietly tell him that he should remember me the next time he is facing down the barrel of a gun while some yahoo is robbing his store. It's the same feeling of helplessness and anger. That kind of shut him up. 

I fueled up and rolled out to the road, only to realize I didn't have a front brake. OK, Fred Flintstone panic stop before I get my wits and use the rear brake. Scary stuff. The front brake line had broken at the banjo fitting on the master cylinder. I'm ducking fluid as it squirts toward my face. Yeah, that was the muckiest part of it all (next almost dying.) My bike was down for a week, but the great guys at Smith Brothers Harley Davidson took care of me (as they always do) with compassion and speed. I love ya, Willard, Big John, and Tim.

So boys and girls, this is the start of a new year of riding.  I love the ride, rain or cold, sun or clouds, it's the ride that counts and the sights along the way!  Get yer dreams dusted and come on...let's ride!