Thursday, February 9, 2012

This Month's Very Late Header

You might have noticed that last month's header didn't have a date on it. This was done since I originally thought I'd just leave it up for awhile. Then I had what I thought was a clever idea of changing it to honor Black History Month which would also be fast and easy. Clever might be argued but, fast and easy?... it didn't turn out that way.

Last month and this month for comparison. At first I thought going from one to the other wouldn't require much. You know, replace some heads (on people and bike), draw up some new bars, pipes, and seat. No biggie, until I got into the thick of it.

First, I found I had to redraw almost the entire bike. Then all the elements below. This alone took enough time. What I didn't realize was, how much time it would take to put everything in at just the right angle and place. I found I needed to move and tweak a lot of little things in the original art. Stuff like moving the tools and crate a touch, tweaking the box, and test placing all the new elements a few times until they looked just right.

All in all, it took much longer than doing the last header from scratch. Not to mention, it's late and for a short month. Was it worth it? I don't know but, once I get an idea...

There's a lot more to say about this month's header than just the process of doing the art (which I didn't plan on ranting about). Now, I hope to get to that while there's still time left.