Thursday, February 23, 2012

WSBK official in Indonesia starting in 2012-2014

PRESIDEN Infront Motor Sports Maurizio Flamini telah secara resmi mengumumkan bahwa World Superbike akan kembali menyambangi Indonesia mulai 2013.*

otoMan friends, this time we will discuss the continuation of the rumors about "INDONESIA which will host the WSBK".
get yesterday had an article in one of the trusted sites .. Next article,, hehehe
Infront Motor Sports president Maurizio Flamini has officially announced that World Superbike will re-visited Indonesia (Sentul last time WSBK race held in 1997) in 2013 after signing a five-year contract to host the WSBK race at Sentul circuit.

The contract was signed on February 15 and in the presence of Minister Dr. HR Agung Laksono mengkoordinasian five different ministries including the Ministry of Sports, as well as many figures from politics, sports and business.

Subsequently the government of Indonesia will start the race event promotion through the establishment of a government task force that will sustain, economic logistics, promotion and administrative requirements organizer.
"We are proud of the growth Superbike calendar, thanks to the inclusion of the latest series in the major countries of the importance of the development of our championship in the sport and commercial level. After Russia, which has now come before the superbike world championship motorsport others. Thanks to intense work for two years in Asia region, we can put that in the past Indonesia had hosted a successful race, "said infront Motor Sports president Maurizio Flamini, as quoted by page Twowheelsblog.

"Indonesia is a country with the largest growth factor. GDP of more than one trillion U.S. dollars. Growth of over 6% in 2011 and motorcycle sales exceeded 7 million units per year. Superbike race will be a great opportunity for the motor manufacturer to be present in this championship , "he said.

how do you think,, our government is ready to organize a big event like the World Superbike?
adakanya denagan in the international arena as it then we should be proud and happy,, ok so first the latest news from me, hopefully can be a useful news ... thank you (otoMan)

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