Sunday, March 4, 2012

Distinctive Eye Protection for Bikers


I am a biker.  I ride and like most riders, I care about my eyes.  Over the years I’ve tried many sunglasses touted to be made for the biker. I’ve found most of these to be lacking in design or functionality.  In the early 1970’s the wrap around eyewear was the newest thing for bikers. I thought it was like sliced bread.  Now, here we are 12 years deep into the new century, and I’ve discovered a new way to “slice bread”.  I’ve found Liberty Sport.

I’ve discovered that many opticians carry these fantastic sunglasses.  Please check a retailer near you. Prices range from around $97.00 to as high as $149.00.  Please be sure to look around.

Nothing I've worn for my eyes while riding excites me like the "CHOPPER" sunglasses.  I enjoy the Chopper Sunglasses by Liberty for their thoughtful design both on and off the motorcycle.  MagTraxion Technology is a unique magnetic addition to the frames allowing the wearer to enclose the frames with magnetic eye cups.  The eye cups have an integrated venting system that allows airflow, thus reducing fogging and dry eye. The cups attach to the arm of the frames in the corner of the eye piece.  When you step off the bike, the eye cups detach quickly and easily, allowing you to continue to fashionably wear your sunglasses as you participate in life outside of motorcycling.  

Liberty Sport has many types of lenses available for the rider. I chose the "ULTIMATE DRIVER" after reading their description of the lens: "made for speed and motion activities. Tint is tailored for mid range, contrast transmission to provide both sustained comfort and uncompromising visibility under the varying conditions encountered. Rose Amber lens with silver flash mirror coating."

When I wear these tinted lenses, I’m struck by how comfortable my eyes feel. No strain, no glare and great color.  It’s a beautiful thing. 

My CHOPPER sunglasses came with a semi-hard zippered case.  Within the case I also received 2 micro fiber cleaning cloths and an attachable cord. I like this because I also wear prescription glasses. When I’m wearing my Chopper sunglasses, I store the script glasses within this great case.  I no longer need to carry 2 cases! YIPPEE!

At the time I received the Liberty Sport Chopper sunglasses, I was also offered the opportunity to have my prescription lenses inserted by Liberty’s labs.  All I would need to do it send along my prescription and the doctor’s advice of where my line of sight should be centered.  I was so bummed that I couldn't accept the offer to have the script lenses inserted.  I will have it done this summer, because I do love being able to read the sign posts in the distance long before I am sitting on top of them!   

I can’t praise the Liberty Sport company and their sunglasses enough. They fit under my full face helmet and stay on my face when I wear my half shell helmet. They have loads of small details and not so small details that keep the fitment and comfort of their product something that you DON’T think about while wearing.

I LOVE my Chopper sunglasses by LIBERTY SPORT