Thursday, March 22, 2012

Liberty Sport Biker Sunglasses

Liberty Sport Biker Sunglasses Review

Marci over at Liberty Sport sent me over a pair of BikerSunglasses to ride with and evaluate. When the package arrived I opened it up and inspected everything and it was quite a package. Included were a pair Bikers Sunglasses, a Liberty Sport Eyeglass Case for the glasses, a Liberty Sport Strap, a F8 Cleaning cloth, a pair of MagTraxion™ Magnetic Dry Eye Eyecups with a storage pouch, and of course, instructions. All these items made this a complete package and a great value for the price. You can even get the lenses in prescription if you need them.

Here is the Information from their website:

8-base wrap around lens curvature delivers excellent peripheral field of vision.  
Raised eyerim back lip provides additional lens retention.  
Head hugging, flexible temple design fits comfortably under most helmet designs.  
Plano frame comes with Liberty Sport Ultimate Driver or Ultimate Outdoor polycarbonate premium performance sun lenses:  
Passes all Global Driving Standards.
Hard Coat Premium Scratch Coating.
100% UVA & UVB Protection.
Comes with semi-rigid case & adjustable strap.  

When inspecting all of the items the first thing that hit me was how good the quality of everything was.  The glass frames themselves, felt strong and durable, even at the hinge area. The strap was strong and had a unique proprietary way to attach to the frames.

I believe the lenses supplied were the Ultimate Outdoor Polycarbonate.

From their website:

Designed to accommodate the visual needs of the outdoor enthusiast. Lens is extremely useful in forested and offroad environments when faced with variable light conditions, providing low light contrast and good bright light protection.
Amber lens with bronze flash mirror coating.

The lenses were crystal clear, accept for the tint. They seemed to brighten things up a little like blue blockers or yellow shooting lenses. For riding in the bright Texas sun I would prefer a much darker lens choice. The way that they wrapped around, they provided a pretty good field of view, though not as good as frameless ones like my Oakley’s.  However, with the MagTraxion™ Magnetic Dry Eye Eyecups, they provided much more protection when riding on windy days.

Here is some information from their website about the MagTraxion™ Magnetic Dry Eye Eyecups:

Eyecups made from soft, hypoallergenic rubber.   
Eyecups conform to the outside curvature of the eye to trap humidity and block moisture-sapping wind.  
Removable eyecups provide maximum peripheral coverage.   
Magnetic eyecups secure easily to frame using MagTraxion™ technology.   
Converts fashionable sunglasses into soothing, dryness-blocking eyewear in seconds-it's like getting two frames for the price of one!   
Comes in a pair.    

 I rode with the Liberty Sport Biker Sunglasses for a couple of months this summer and the view and protection was excellent.  The fit for me was a little bit small with the frames coming under my eyebrows, which I did not care for. I rode with them along with my half helmet and there was no interference at all. They stayed in place real well and I did not even have to use the adjustable strap.
The case was a black, semi rigid and made of nylon. Though a little bulky, the case provided plenty of protection but not as much as a hard case would have. Clean up of the lenses was a snap with the supplied cleaning cloth. 

After I rode with them for a while I turned them over to my son Jake to ride with them and provide feedback. As much as I liked them, He liked them even more and fell in love with them. I believe they fit his face better than they did mine. He has been using them now for several months and everything he has said about them is positive.

I would have to say that the value and quality that the Liberty Sport Biker Sunglasses provide makes them a great choice for anyone looking for a good set of riding sunglasses.

Ride on,