Thursday, March 29, 2012

Saturday's Born-Free 4 Party

I've been out of town for several weeks but, made a point to get back just in time for last Saturday's Born free party at the Garage Co. in Inglewood Ca. It was supposed to feature the unveiling of both give away bikes but, the dresser's painted wasn't finished.

The Garage Company's facilities are huge and is actually two large adjoining buildings.

At times it was busier than this photo shows. It was estimated that about 500 people came and went.

This Twenty Something J Model was probably the oldest bike ridden to the event.

I'm always amused when two friends have similar bikes.

This 1959 Harley is being offered for sale by the Garage Co.

In a sea of chops and customs an old surviving dresser like this '68 will always get my attention.

Bikes were parked clear around the corner.

This clean Knuck features a somewhat unusual fender/seat set up. California recently enacted a new law cracking down on vertical license plate positioning. How come some guys get away with hanging their plates like this?

Where do all the Knuckleheads keep coming from?

The give away 69' Chopper. Once again Kiyo did an excellent job. The color/patina of the rear mag tells you it's a 12 spoke of the magnesium variety.

The Shovelhead has been given the same attention to detail that last year's Knucklehead received. The DC Linkert is rarely seen on bikes these days. Sportsters used them for several years but, they were only used one year (1966), on Shovelheads.

The bike has a good stance. Use of Harley rubber pegs through out is a nice touch.

Kiyo proving it runs. Sorry about the picture quality.